On 15-16 October 2015, Paris Sorbonne University (France) will host the II International conference on cultural diversity and conflicts in the European Union, as part of the research project "Human rights, multicultural societies and conflicts". As in its first edition, held at Valencia University on 2-3 October 2014, the conference will provide an opportunity to analyse the current political, social and legal challenges posed by cultural diversity and the conflicts associated to it in the EU. In particular, presentations will address the public or private dimension of such conflicts, as well as the emergence of new collective identities and the discriminatory policies implemented by European states.

To download the conference programme (in Spanish and French), click here.




Thursday, 15 October 2015

Paris-Sorbonne University, 1 rue Victor-Cousin, Room J636


9.30-9.40h   Inauguration (Nancy Berthier, CRIMIC director; Géraldine Galeote and Ángeles Solanes, organisers)


9.40-10.20h   Keynote address


Neither Republican integration nor interculturalism. What now? (Javier de Lucas, University of Valencia)




10.30-13.00h  Conflicts and cultural diversity in the private sphere


Good practice in the management of family diversity (Ángeles Solanes, University of Valencia)

Mixed couples and intimate interculturality in Europe (Anne-Marie Autissier, Paris 8 University)




Custom and multiculture: breach of law or regulated admission? (Mario Ruiz, Rovira i Virgili University)

Hospitality and work for irregular migrants in France and Spain: from administrative to criminal sanctions (Géraldine Galeote, Paris Sorbonne University)




14.30-18.00h  Conflicts and cultural diversity in the public sphere


Welfare, neighbourhood and new geographies of diversity: rethinking the ethnography of super-diversity at the margins of the city (Mette Louise Berg, University of Oxford)

Responses to the crisis and social protest: conflict and diversity in recent anti-eviction mobilisations (Benjamín Tejerina, University of the Basque Country)

Stereotypes and emotions in the construction of diversity recognition policies (Encarnación La Spina, Deusto University)




The incorporation of Islam in Spain and the conflicts surrounding the opening of mosques and prayer rooms  (Albert Mora, University of Valencia)

Cultural diversity and linguistic communitarianism in the European Union (Rosalia Barcia, Paris Sorbonne University)




Friday, 16 October 2015

Maison de la Recherche, 28 rue Serpente, Room D040


9.30-13.00h Cultural diversity and identity conflicts


Landscapes and identities in the origins of tourism in the Basque Country, 1900-1936 (Maitane Ostolaza, Paris Sorbonne University)

Collective identity and religion (Jaime Bonet, University of Valencia)

The defense of Spanish specificity against the rise of liberal culture, 1833-1840 (Laetitia Blanchard, Paris Sorbonne University)




The inter/intraterritorial conflict in Spanish regional cultural policies and the problem of Spanish identity (Juan Arturo Rubio, Nebrija University in Madrid)

The long shadow of ETA or when social and political dissidence is conflated with ETA terrorism (Sara Álvarez, Paris Sorbonne University)


14.30-16.30h Cultural diversity and discriminatory policies in the EU


Cultural diversity and multiple discrimination in Europe (Letizia Mancini, University of Milan)

The governance of ethnic segregation in compulsory schooling: current trends and dilemmas (Pier-Luc Dupont, University of Valencia)

Institutional racism as a source of conflict in diverse societies (Maria José Aguilar, University of Castilla-La Mancha)


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