Multiple issues of great social and legal relevance arise when the concepts of woman and diversity are brought together. In the closing speech of the Course on intercultural mediation and diversity management in the Valencian Community, Ángeles Solanes, professor of Legal Philosophy at Valencia University, will analyse the different rights, interests and values involved in this relationship and that, when opposed to each other, can be perceived as incompatible. In particular, she will argue that when (gender) equality or values such as human dignity seem to collide unavoidably with other rights such as religious freedom or the right to privacy, it is essential to weigh the competing claims and resolve disagreements in order to ensure effective individual and collective protection. For this reason, it is fundamental to determine whether there really is a conflict, for instance, in highly publicised cases such as the use of the full veil, or whether we are faced with a problem about the limits on rights, which do not require a punitive approach.

Mario Ruiz Sanz, professor of Legal Philosophy at Rovira i Virgili University, and Encarnación La Spina, postdoctoral researcher at Aix-Marseille University, will impart a practical seminar on the prohibition of the full veil in Europe, on 13 May at 10:30 am. The activity intends both to critically examine the arguments put forward in order to illegalise the concealment of the face in public spaces and to illustrate the usefulness of collaborative learning in the teaching of human rights.

Although Spanish authorities do not collect systematic data on the national origins of the students enrolled in primary and secondary schools, a numer of reports have pointed out that several cities are faced with high rates of ethnic segregation in the educational sphere. In order to promote a better understanding and management of this phenomenon, Javier García Medina, professor of Legal Philosophy at the University of Valladolid, and Jaime Bonet Navarro, professor of Ecclesiastical Law at the University of Valencia, will offer a seminar entitled "Ghetto schools: a challenge for the right to education", on 6 May at 10:30 am.

In the context of the Spanish economic crisis, one of the main obstacles for the integration of foreign nationals has been the limitation of its economic and social rights, including the right to healthcare. The scope and impact of these restrictions will be scrutinised on Tuesday 21 April during the seminar on "Right to health: between universality and exclusion", with Carlos Lema, professor of Legal Philosophy at Carlos III University in Madrid, and Rafael Sotoca, president of Doctors of the World in the Valencian Community.

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